Interesting blog posts and news articles about other ProductCamps, or ProductCamp in general:

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Why ProductCamp Beats Summer Camp by iOpening Marketing

Top 8 ProductCamp Lessons Learned for Channel Managers by Josh Feinberg

Product Managers (and Marketers) Make Happy Campers by Jennifer Dennard

Why ProductCamps are Important by Jim Holland

So You Want to Present at ProductCamp by Jennifer Doctor

There Is No Bug Juice at This Camp by Kellie Jones

Looking Forward to ProductCamp by John Peltier

PCAMP ATL: Learning, Sharing, and Discussions by Jon Gatrell

ProductCamp: A 4 Step Primer by Jennifer Doctor

ProductCamp Going Strong Despite Dearth of Camps in Austin by Omar Gallaga in theAustin Statesman

ProductCamp DC: An ‘Unconference’ to Hone Skills by Shashi Bellamkonda in theWashington Business Journal

ProductCamp: The Unconference TEDxLocal for Product Leaders? by Prabhakar Gopalan

ProductCamps: Where do we go from here?  by Jim Holland

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