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Some of the sessions that are proposed for the Product Camp South Florida on March 14, 2015 include:

Managing People Smarter than You

Description: To optimize your leadership career, you must hire and manage people that are smarter than you. Although challenging and humbling, you will accelerate your personal growth. If done well, your team will deliver results beyond expectations.

Speaker: Mike Denker has been in sales and marketing since receiving a marketing degree from the “U”. 9 months ago, He was asked to manage product management. He has two product managers reporting to him. We are responsible for formalizing product management in our 15-year old software company. He also has an MBA from NSU.


Top 10 Ways for Product Marketers and Product Managers to Drive More Leads, Revenue, and Growth with Inbound Marketing

Description:  The traditional marketing playbook is broken. Learn how to apply Inbound Marketing to attract, convert, close, and delight more of the right decision makers — and align your product or service launch with your marketing and sales teams.

Speaker:  Joshua Feinberg, co-founder and Chief Inbound Marketing Officer of SP Home Run Inc., a HubSpot Certified Partner that helps B2B-focused IT companies drive more qualified leads, sales opportunities, revenue, and ROI from their websites. His specialties include full-funnel content strategy that turns strangers into website visitors, converts visitors into qualified leads, accelerates leads into sales, and transforms clients into delighted promoters. He co-leads the Boca Raton HubSpot User Group and is a former content creator for Microsoft Corporation.


A Mind-Set for Innovation for Product Management

Description: In this exciting presentation learn about the latest tech innovations of the present, and how you can think like an innovator and start a path towards potentially being a key player in future innovation. Learn how to break free from the methodical and tap into your own courage, creativity, curiosity and out of the box thinking to take your ideas even further.

Speaker:  Ibis Arrastia is a software developer with more than two decades of professional I.T. experience, with an emphasis in eCommerce and web development. She is passionate about technology and innovation, especially by companies here in South Florida. She leads the local Girl Develop It chapter to inspire women to see the greatness within them and mentor them as they start a career or transition into a career in technology, and create a better life for themselves.


Building Great Products

Description: We will highlight common mistakes made by startups from a technology standpoint while building software. This talk will save a company time and money.

Speaker: Adam Culp is an author and speaker specializing in application development and team management. Consultant and contributor to many open source projects and startups.


Movil Marketing Roadmap- Geo-Grid Display

Description: This workshop will provide you the knowledge, and the skills you need to understand the mobile marketing ecosystem. Discover the different means of connecting with a customer through a mobile devices! Mobile is still unchartered territory for many brands, and even for those who are further down the road, the landscape shifts so fast that it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve. The new mobile medium represents an appealing opportunity for your company enabling you to reach a pool of consumers that are growing by the day. Because of the technologies relative youth, however, there is still confusion over how best to engage in mobile advertising

Speaker: Abel Pena-Fernandez is the president and founder of Movil Solutions™, a mobile marketing company. He has over 20 years of experience as a marketing executive and international training and development executive working for large Fortune 500 companies with broad international experience, encompassing business development, consulting, internet marketing, creative media development, media planning and buying, corporate technical training and development and public relations. He Holds BSEE from University of Puerto Rico, and Florida State University Executive Program, JMI Global Entrepreneurship Business Program. He is a pioneer in Geo-Grid Display Platform for Mobile Advertising in South Florida.


Strategic Roadmaps vs. Product Roadmaps – Why You Need Both

Description: Discuss the goals and content appropriate for each and how your team can use both to drive innovation & strategic planning while also simplifying the day-to-day grind in the trenches.

Speaker: John Mansour is the founder and managing partner of Proficientz, Inc., a training and consulting firm that specializes in B2B Product Management & Marketing.


Swift Trust Enchants Customers and Businesses

Description: This interactive session will introduce the audience to the concept of Swift Trust and how it can be developed. Once customers trust a product or service, it drives their loyalty and advocacy. The socio dynamic factors revolving around social media wherein GenX relies on establishing fast connections with people, products and services based on a quick interaction. This is called Swift Trust. Come on over to understand how you can think outside the box as a consumer, supplier, or inventor!!!

Speaker: A skilled leader in Organizational Management, Dr Alka Khungar wrote her doctoral thesis on “Influence of Trust on the success of Virtual Teams.” Using a Delphi methodology, Khungar derived that there were 6 main building blocks of trust that influence the success of virtual teams, namely: Communication, Accountability, Dependability, Integrity, Collaboration/Teamwork and Commitment. Dr Alka Khungar is a manager at the Customer Experience team at ADT, LLC. As a Customer Experience practitioner, Dr Khungar records Voice of the customer feedback and understands the pulse of the market. She acts as a liaison between ADT’s customers and various business units to ensure the customer’s feedback is integrated as part of ADT’s product, sales and service initiatives.


PowerPoint Karaoke

Description:  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! PowerPoint Karaoke is a fun-packed improvisational activity in which a participant must deliver a presentation based on a set of slides that they have never seen before. This interactive session that will get you laughing! Don’t miss the session attendees have raved about at other product camps!

Speaker:  Jennifer Doctor, a veteran product camp attendee and leader of the session  will  have you raising your hand wanting to be next!


How Product Ownership Can Make or Break Your Product

Description: The importance of the Product Owner role in Scrum is often overlooked. Learn to engage your team to build products that delight your customers.

Speaker: As the Director of Agile Product Delivery for InComm Agent Solutions, Jamel M Canty oversees product development in scrum/agile business environment.


Leapfrog Your Competition with These 4 Special Marketing Tricks

Description:  Attendees will learn from a seasoned marketing professional, hearing real-life examples of how 4 simple marketing secrets helped clients leapfrog their competition with TRULY synchronistic marketing.

Speaker:  A marketing professional with over 24 years of experience in the field of integrated marketing, Kat McCall is iOpening’s CMO responsible for overall marketing for the company, as well as client relations, content/ copywriting and public relations. Over the course of her career, she has been directly responsible for overseeing strategic marketing decisions for large publicly traded companies (Philips Healthcare and Nuance Communications), as well as technology start-ups (Emergin and Absoft). She is directly responsible for creating marketing plans that cover all areas of marketing such as: PR, content creation; collateral and brochure writing and design; and website development and management.


Introducing Product Management Where There Was None

Description:  Everyone agrees that product management is critical to the success and scalability of their organization; however, when confronted with the required changes, they respond, “Sounds great! You go first.” Learn three steps to establishing Product Management in your functional/dysfunctional organization.

Speaker:   Mike Denker has been a selling marketeer since 1988 whose experience spans from start up to acquisition to Fortune 100. His latest adventure is introducing formal product management into a 15-year-old software company made up of three acquisitions in FL, CA, and BC.


Design Thinking powered by LightStarters

Description:  Got 50 minutes? Join LightStarters — South Florida’s hot new design creative — for an interactive, hands-on taste of Design Thinking!

First you’ll learn the theory: how to develop customer empathy, identify key problems, generate ideas, quickly build and evaluate multiple prototypes, and use the results to improve the design. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves and actually do it!

You’ll leave with a good feel for the Design Thinking process . . . and thoughts on how you might apply it to your own work.

Speaker:   Lise Pilot holds a degree in Human Factors Engineering and has been designing innovative user experiences for 20 years. Her experience includes touch screen, interactive speech, and virtualization applications. In her most recent experience, she designed desktop, web and mobile apps that enable people to access their work applications from any device.

Ian Patrick is a user experience professional with over 14 years of experience designing interfaces for a multitude of platforms including software virtualization management, Army helicopter and Navy destroyer crew-stations. He is also a passionate design thinking evangelist who has held workshops to spread design thinking methodologies to people of all backgrounds.


iBeacons to Deploy Location Aware Products

Description:  Learn how iBeacon technology makes it easy to deploy “location-aware” products for your company. Don’t fight the 1 million plus applications trying to get your attention in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Learn how you can leverage physical spaces to connect the digital world that your clients are spending more time in. Mobile is exploding with smarter applications. There are plenty of opportunities to “mobilize” your product offerings in the physical world. Gain real life experience in how easy it is to make iBeacon technology a part of your product/service distribution strategy.

Speaker:  Joseph Riano is founder and CEO of Real Mobile Tech. Mobile Technology entrepreneur combining over 30 years of technology product development. Formerly with American Express for 7 years, First Data, 4 years, JP Morgan Chase 3 years. Developing mobile products for the credit card industry.


From 0 to 1000 Facebook Likes in 24 hours

Description:  It took you a few months to get a few hundred FB Likes? I will show you how to grow your audience from 0 to 1000 REAL Facebook Likes from scratch.

Speaker: Tom Ordonez is a growth hacker with coding blood. Black and white marketing., and co-organize the Miami Lean Startup meetup.


Bridge that gap between sales, marketing & product

Description:  Many companies have sales, marketing and product teams that do not get along, we are here to help. In this highly interactive session, you will work with a sales expert and a marketing expert to overcome

SpeakerBarry Doctor has been called a “marketing genius” by sales people! He has launched hundreds of products and helped many companies better understand their buyers leading to more revenue.

Donald Kelly is also the host of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast” which recently receive national and local recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance and The South Florida Business Journal. With his years of sales experience and the expert guests he brings on his show, Donald offers struggling inexperienced sellers and entrepreneurs the tools to bring their income and careers to a top producer’s status.


No-Bid, No-Competition Federal, No Red-Tape Government Contracting

Description:  How to tap into the largest client in the World!  Program developed and taught by the US Chamber of Commerce. It teaches about the opportunities and methods of learning how to get your share of the Billions of dollars in No-Bid, No-Competition, No-Red Tape Federal Government Contracts.

Speaker: James Barretta is a multifaceted manager with marketing experience, with achievement of Strategic Planning, Solid Growth, Quality Control, and profit & loss accountability for business operations of four owned, related enterprises.


Resolve Your Greatest Challenge

Description: This will be a one hour workshop that will help everyone resolve their biggest challenge or biggest pain in life.

Speaker:  Bimal Shah is a business coach that is on a die hard mission to build high achievers throughout the world. I do it by building and maintaining customized systems of coaching, planning, and accountability to provide security from enemies of prosperity.


4 Super-Common Mistakes Product Marketers Make When Blogging (How to Blog Like HubSpot)

Description:  Lots of product marketers and product managers blog. But very few are blogging strategically in a way that focuses on SMART goals for traffic, leads, sales opps, clients, and ROI.

In this highly-interactive workshop, you’ll first learn about four key best practices that product managers, product marketers, and other HubSpot thought leaders follow for successful, goal-centric blogging.

By attending this workshop, you may even find your blogging soul-mate for content collaboration and reciprocal guest blogging.

Speaker: Joshua Feinberg, co-founder and Chief Inbound Marketing Officer of SP Home Run Inc., a HubSpot Certified Partner that helps B2B-focused IT companies drive more qualified leads, sales opportunities, revenue, and ROI from their websites. His specialties include full-funnel content strategy that turns strangers into website visitors, converts visitors into qualified leads, accelerates leads into sales, and transforms clients into delighted promoters. He co-leads the Boca Raton HubSpot User Group, Boca Raton Inbound Marketing Week, and is a former content creator for Microsoft Corporation.


Market Research DIY

Description:  We’ll discuss Do-It-Yourself methods of gathering customer feedback on your product/service including interviews, focus groups.

Speaker: Elena Leichardt has 15 years in Market Research and Customer Satisfaction, helping stakeholders understand customers’ needs and action their customers’ needs and action their feedback to improve products.


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